Frequent Audi Oil Changes can prevent costly repairs

Engine/Transmission Removed

Engine/Transmission Removed

Driving an Audi is extremely fun! If you own one, you know. However, people seem to fear seeing the Audi Mechanic. Audi engines, 3.2L, 3.6L, 1.8L, 2.0L etc, sure run well and have plenty of power. However, given the extended Audi Scheduled Maintenance intervals recommended by the manufacturer, they seem to be having trouble with timing chains, tensioners and adjusters. We have been seeing more of these coming into our Audi Service Center.
3.6L Timing Chains

3.6L Timing Chains

It is a big job no matter which engine you have so now people cringe at the thought of bringing their car into the Audi Repair Specialist. To lessen these blows and lower your overall cost of ownership, we strongly encourage you to frequently have an Oil Change performed by a trained, skilled professional with high quality products as we do here at Revolution Automotive Services, Inc. Besides, having an Audi Specialist looking at your car every 5,000 miles can allow for things to be brought to your attention before they become more expensive or leave you broken down.
Cover going back together.

Cover going back together.

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The Importance of Responsible Mercedes Service in Norwood

Owning a Mercedes does involve taking on the responsibility of caring for the machine. With the right type of maintenance and upkeep, the vehicle will easily last for decades. Here are a couple of ways that the right Mercedes service in Norwood will get the vehicle ready for winter weather.

Mercedes E350

Mercedes E350

Keep Your Mercedes Clean

During the Winter, it’s important to keep your Mercedes clean by taking it to a car wash regularly. Road salt can be very damaging to the finish and the underside of your vehicle. A good clear coat protector and wax will help protect your car.

The importance of cleaning the underside cannot be overstated. Getting rid of the gunk will mean that the salt used to clear roads of ice and snow will not have anything to cling to. As a result, there is no collection of salt to trigger rust and other damage to the underside.

After the Winter

Once spring returns, take the vehicle to a reputable Mercedes repair shop in Norwood. Start with a four-wheel alignment just in case the road conditions during the winter months led to a misalignment. Have the underside inspected for signs of any damage that occurred since the last cleaning. Do not overlook the need to have the fluids and filters checked again and replaced as necessary.

With warm weather on the way, make sure to have the air conditioning checked and recharged if necessary. That will ensure the owner will be able to travel in comfort, no matter how hot things get during the summer months.

Keep in mind that reputable services like Revolution Automotive Services can manage all these tasks. The team will also make sure that the vehicle is completely clean inside and out before returning it to the owner. Along with the vehicle being in perfect running condition, the body will gleam and the interior will be fresh and properly scented.

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Whether for Routine Maintenance or Repairs, Specialized BMW Service in Norwood Pays Off

BMW vehicles are legendary for the quality of their engineering and construction. As with any car, however, a BMW can break down or develop problems that require professional attention. When these issues arise, some owners might be tempted by seemingly lower prices advertised by garages that repair vehicles of any make. In fact, however, a specialized BMW service center is always the best option in terms of long-term cost, reliability, and overall satisfaction.

In-Depth Knowledge of Very Special Vehicles

While mechanics at run-of-the-mill garages might be trained in general car-repair principles, they will only rarely have the opportunity to work on a given BMW model and year. With so many makes and models on the roads, these mechanics never get a chance to develop the specialized skills and diagnostic expertise that could allow them to home in on the problems that most commonly afflict particular cars.

By insisting on specialized BMW service in Norwood, on the other hand, owners can be sure that the mechanics who work on their cars will possess this valuable kind of understanding. Thanks to in-depth training like that of the BMW Group’s rigorous Service Technician Education Program, these mechanics can identify the true causes of problems much more quickly and productively than generalists.

That allows them to locate and address the root of an issue immediately, instead of wastefully treating only the symptoms, as others are likely to do. These skilled, specialized mechanics are also able to leverage their experience to anticipate BMW-specific problems before they can come to a head, ultimately keeping repair costs down and improving overall reliability.

The Right Tools and the Right Answers

A BMW repair shop in Norwood will also be well-stocked with specialized tools and diagnostic machines that have been designed specifically for BMW vehicles. Garages that deal with cars of every sort can simply not afford this luxury, making do instead with resources that satisfy their lowest-common-denominator requirements. Thanks to having specialized tools produced by companies like Bavarian Tecnnic, Baum, and Assenmacher, on the other hand, a BMW mechanic is much more likely to precisely identify the real problems that affect a given car and to do work that addresses them in the best possible way.

BMW Experts Are More Cost-Effective and Provide Peace of Mind

Even if a garage that accepts all comers gives out an attractive-seeming quote, then, a BMW specialist will be the better choice when all is said and done. Specialized experience, training, and tools pay off in a number of cost-reducing ways, and the resulting work will contribute greatly to overall reliability and longevity. Cars treated to such attention repay their owners generously, providing more dependable transportation and more of the sheer driving pleasure that BMW is known for.

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BMW Transmission Fault Code 4F81 (Ratio monitoring, clutch A)

Transmission Fault Code 4F81 (Ratio monitoring, clutch A) is becoming a frequent repair here in the shop. We know it’s a common problem with this transmission in gerneral so I thought I would share with everyone what the issue is and what the required repair will likely be.

2006 BMW 750i

What you may be experiencing is your transmission is not shifting properly, not engaging into gear or is in “failsafe mode”. Your dashboard and idrive will likely indicate that there is a transmission fault or failure present. I recently posted a video on YouTube that I took the last time I performed this repair. It’s not an outrageous repair so don’t be too scared of what the cost will be. Likely, you will spend between $550-$750 depending on whether you opt to refill with new fluid at roughly $30/liter. Keep in mind there could be a diagnostic charge as well, we do not unnecessarily put parts on cars without properly diagnosing the problem first.

Here is the video link.

And this is the BMW SI Bulletin

SI B 24 01 08 Automatic Transmission

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Mercedes Balance Shaft Codes 1200,1208 or 0016, 0017

Mercedes-Benz ML350

A very common problem with Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with M272 Engine or M273 Engine is the Balance Shaft gear. The gear wears down significantly and causes the camshafts to be out of alignment just enough that the ME (engine control module) will notice it and set the codes. What you may experience as the driver is the Check Engine Light is on. Possibly a lack of performance from the vehicle but likley not.

Check Engine Light

Most often the only symptom is the Check Engine Light being on and here in Massachusetts, that little light must go out and stay out, in order to pass the annual MA State Inspection.

M272 Engine Timing Marks, off center (out of time)

What the technician will find when identifying this problem is the timing marks will be off center in the opening. Here is a picture of what they look like. The camshaft position sensors will need to be removed to see these marks.

Here is a picture of the timing mark on the opposing bank. (I did not bother to remove the power steering pump in order to access the second camshaft position sensor which must be removed to see the timing marks) Note the position of the marks inside the opening. This side is centered as it should be.

M272 Timing mark centered

The Mercedes SI Bulletin below shows you what happens and explains what repair is needed to correct the issue. FYI, THE ENGINE MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE VEHICLE IN ORDER TO PERFORM THIS REPAIR.


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BMW Oil Change: common mistakes made when performing an Oil Change Service on a German Automobile

Leaking Drain Plug

I take pride in my work and the cars I work on. It pains me to see a fine European vehicle that has been poorly serviced by someone who either doesn’t care or just doesn’t know the correct materials to use or manner in which to service the vehicle. My example, this BMW X5 3.0 that was in the shop last week for service. This vehicle was a first time customer and what I found was so bad that I felt the need to write a blog on the topic as I have seen it so many times before now.

When performing such a simple service as an Oil Change it is still critical to bring your German Auto (Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Mini, Audi and more) to a reputable European specialist. If not, it could end up costing you more in the end. This car I’m using as an example had just about ALL the common mistakes made in an Oil Change Service performed by someone who likely does not know the correct way to perform the service.

Drain Plug with an old used seal and a new one

First of all, the drain plug crush ring seal. I call it a ‘crush ring’ because that is exactly what it does. It crushes when it is torqued into place and seals the oil drain plug. Notice the picture with the old and new rings. One has an indentation from being torqued down on by the drain plug. Because it works this way, it is only good for 1 single use. It should be replaced EVERY time the drain plug is removed, such as, for an Oil Change Service. If it is reused it will leak as shown in the picture above.

Second, the oil filter. You NEED to use a quality German fleece filter. Just look at the picture here. This should say enough. The $5 or $10 difference could be the difference from your engine living or dying a horrible death and taking your wallet with it!

After use between service intervals: Left - Cheap Paper Filter, Right - good quality German Fleece Filter

The paper filter element in the filter on the left breaks down and comes apart inside your engine! The plastic caps come off and can also break apart. However, they usually just separate from the paper element and get left behind by the person doing the next oil change and didn’t bother to look inside the filter housing to make sure nothing was in there, as was the case in this situation.


Oil Filter Housing with end cap of cheap filter stuck on the bottom blocking proper oil flow.

This engine had a ‘cheap’ oil change done a couple times in a row it appears. The filter end cap came apart and was left behind and a new filter was installed on top of it! Not good people. Not good.

The end cap that was left behind





Here is the end cap I removed from the oil filter housing.

Quality German Oil Filter Kit. Includes a Filter, Crush Ring and Cap seal











Old Filters and New Filter

As you can see, the quality filter will look just the same at the end of its service life as it did in the beginning. Except of course, it will be dirty, as it should be since it is filtering debris from the oil running through it.




Oil Filter Cap and Seal

The seal on the oil filter cap must be replaced at EVERY service interval as well to prevent oil leaks. A step that is commonly skipped at many shops. This literally takes a few seconds to do and the seal is in the box. Just replace it and do the job right.




Finally, use a high quality synthetic motor oil. Here at Revolution Automotive, we use Mobil 1 and the prescribed viscosity for the vehicle being serviced. In this case, it is 5w40.

Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 5w40

These facts are true of all German automobiles. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini Cooper, Audi, Porsche are all using similar products, have seals that need replacing and run engines that require high quality synthetic oils. If you use a quality filter, quality oil and replace the drain plug seal and cap seals, you really can’t go wrong. I would recommend a 5-7,000 mile service interval on top of that and I’m certain your vehicle will run better, longer!

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