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Specializing in state of the art German Automobiles like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche and Mini Cooper means our equipment must be state of the art as well. This is true for alignment machines as it is for diagnostics. After all, an alignment machine is a great diagnostic tool. Here at Revolution Automotive we use the Hunter Hawk Eye Elite Alignment System. The Hawk Eye Elite is the latest and greatest technology in alignment systems from the industry leader, Hunter Engineering. Only the best for our clients!

Four Wheel Alignment vs. Front End Alignment

Most people are familiar with a front end alignment. However, your car has four wheels. Wouldn’t you think that all four wheels should be in alignment to have the car drive properly? A proper four wheel alignment, such as we do here at Revolution Automotive, is the only way to ensure your car is driving straight and true as well as ensuring you are not causing damage to your tires or suspension components. In the process of doing a four wheel alignment, we can also identify damaged or worn out components that are in need of repair or replacement and possibly save you an inconvenient breakdown later and most certainly extend the life of your expensive tires.

When does my car need an alignment?


An annual alignment check is highly recommended to ensure your car does not have any worn out steering or suspension components and to ensure you are not prematurely wearing out your vehicles tires. Here at Revolution Automotive we are also checking the safety of the undercarriage while the car is in the air and prior to making any alignment adjustments.

Following any steering or suspension repairs

A four wheel alignment should be performed any time your vehicle has a suspension or steering system repair. When a suspension or steering component such as a tie rod, strut, control arm or bushing is removed and installed the geometry of the steering/suspension is changed. While it may not seem like much, it does translate to major differences at the wheels. These small changes, when out of spec, then translate to improper handling, pulling and certainly to premature wear of your tires.

Following tire replacement

A Four Wheel Alignment should be performed following new tires being installed to ensure they are not going to wear out prematurely.

But I get a free front end alignment from the discount tire store…

…and you get what you pay for. We see it all the time. Vehicles that are in need of alignments for repairs but a customer who says, “I just had an alignment when I got my tires at the discount tire store.” These stores make money on tires. The alignment is a selling point. They have to do them fast and cheap so they hire someone who is cheap and under skilled. If there is a difficult adjustment to make, you can bet it is being skipped. If you need a component replaced or repaired to make the proper alignment adjustments, often it is overlooked. Or maybe in some cases, if you’re lucky, they will recommend you go to a “mechanic” to have it repaired. But shouldn’t the person working on your car be a trained and skilled automotive technician to begin with?

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