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Reasons Behind Starting Problems in MINIs

The MINI may be a small car, but it goes hand in hand with the excellent performance that is expected of a brand of its caliber. The effort that the manufacturer has put into the engineering of the car does not, however, protect it from developing certain problems....

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How to Deal with MAF Sensor Failure in Porsches

It is undeniable that Porsche is one of the most well-built vehicle models in the market today. However, these cars are not immune to problems. One common problem that many Porsche owners have complained about is the failure of the MAF sensor. What is the MAF Sensor...

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How to Deal with Coolant Leaks in Porsches

When you bought your Porsche you were expecting a high performing German sports car. Apart from your standard maintenance, you shouldn’t need to worry about issues popping up in a brand like Porsche, right? Well, it turns out that Porsche cars do have some common...

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How to Avoid Oil Leaks in Your Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are recognized around the world for their high quality and luxury style. The Mercedes-Benz Company has been around since 1926. It was originally a division of the company Daimler AG, which is a German company. Interestingly, the company was...

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Does Your MINI Require Fuel Additives

Fuel additives are a relatively new invention in the automotive world, with the first recorded use of them appearing in 1912 in the oil industry when iodine was added to kerosene to eliminate a knocking sound in their equipment. Since then, people have been adding and...

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Importance of Regular Engine Servicing for Your Audi

Audi engines are built durably and efficiently to carry out the high standards of performance that the brand is so well known for. In order to uphold this standard and keep your Audi performing its best, it’s essential to stay on top of engine maintenance. If you’re...

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