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The BMW Repairs You Shouldn’t Try to DIY

BMW Repairs

Certain BMW repairs can cost you upwards of $5,000, depending on what sort of work is needed.

Cost issues aside, a BMW is a sophisticated piece of automobile engineering, so you should leave serious repairs to certified auto technicians.

Whether you have a souped up 3 Series or a classic 507 Roadster, know when to hold them and when to fold them in terms of what repairs you can do on your own.

If you’re in over your head with your BMW repairs, don’t hesitate to contact a shop that specializes in this work.
Below we’ll dive into the eight repairs you should leave to an auto shop in your area.
Avoid tackling the following BMW do-it-yourself projects at all costs:

BMW Repairs You Should Leave To The Professionals

1. Auto Body Work

Whether you get hit by another vehicle or accidentally back into an object, handling your own auto bodywork can be a disaster to try yourself.

These vehicles are made with some of the most sophisticated manufacturing processes. If you try to handle the auto body work yourself, the chances of you getting it back to mint condition are rare.

Not only is this work difficult in terms of labor, it’s also tough to find an exact match on your BMW parts.

You’ll need to shop for the right bumper, doors, window glass and other auto body materials. This takes some work on your behalf to find OEM BMW auto body parts so that your car looks as good as new.

It’s also critical to find the BMW paint that takes your car back to original standards.

Paint and auto body work can cost upwards of $7,000, so this speaks volumes into how specialized this work actually is.

Instead, find an auto body shop that can tackle your BMW repairs.

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2. Replacing The Windshield

Replacing BMW auto glass is more than just a pretty touch-up.

You should avoid replacing your own BMW windshield because this is a part that protects you if you get into a wreck. Faultily installing a windshield on your own makes your BMW far more vulnerable and also lowers its value.

Instead, make sure to contact an auto repair shop that specializes in certified glass work.

Shop around to make sure that they have windshields that are intended for any BMW model.

3. Computer System Repairs

BMW vehicles, like most of today’s automobiles, are controlled by computer systems.

Get BMW repairs from auto shops that understand how to tweak your electric systems and properly diagnose problems.

When a computer code pops up, you need an auto shop that can assess it and then take action. Computer errors can range from minor issues, and glitches that throw your entire car out of whack.

For example, if your computer system isn’t giving you the right data and readouts, it may ruin your gas mileage and cause parts to malfunction.

These sophisticated electric systems are common today, so this is typically too difficult for the common DIY auto owner.

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4. Radiator Replacements

Replacing the radiator on a BMW model can easily cost you about $600.

Keep in mind that this is money well spent.

When you try to replace your radiator on your own, there’s a huge chance of error. This error causes your BMW engine to overheat.

If the engine overheats, your hoses will swell and blow, and you may even create serious engine damage.

A bad radiator can degrade to the point that you even need an entire engine replacement. Once the problem gets this bad, you’ll be sinking several thousand dollars into your BMW repair, when you could have nipped it in the bud by paying an auto shop on the front end.

5. Tweaking The AC

The air conditioner seems like a minor part, but you don’t realize how important it is until you have to go without it.

A human summer day becomes a huge pain when you’re driving around with a faulty air conditioner.

Because of this, you need the help of an auto shop that specializes in quick and effective AC work. This way, the repairs are handled the first time and you don’t have to sweat it out.

Bad AC repairs will also cause your BMW to waste gas, which quickly eats up money.

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6. Work On The Ignition System

The last thing you would want is to hear your ignition struggling and grinding when you’re trying to start the car.

While replacing an ignition system is a fairly straightforward repair, doing it wrong can compromise your entire engine and electric system.

More importantly, you’re putting your health and safety at risk by trying to handle this repair by yourself.

Your ignition system is tied to several thousand volts of electricity, which can cause potentially fatal shock.

Instead, leave the work to a repair shop that can take the necessary precautions.

7. Serious Engine Work

Flat out, if you’re not experienced with handling engine work, leave it to a BMW repair shop.

Having to replace a timing belt, camshaft or another part can become catastrophic in novice hands. The entire value of your BMW is tied to the engine work, so you should leave it to a certified technician to be on the safe side.

It’s money well spent that will make your BMW drive like a dream.

8. Transmission Replacement Or Rebuild

Finally, leave the transmission work to a certified technician that understands this part.

Whether you have a stick shift BMW model or an automatic, this part is too sophisticated to handle if you’re not skilled.

You need for your BMW to be able to shift gears without grinding or shutting down, so hire a shop in your area that can do it all from fluid flushes to transmission rebuilds.

Hire A Top Of The Line BMW Repair Shop

To be certain your BMW drives well, start consulting with shops that handle BMW work.

Revolution Automotive Services would be happy to give your BMW a little bit of TLC.

Start out by contacting us so we can give you great repairs today.

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