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When it comes to overall driving safety, your brakes are easily the most important part of your vehicle. After all, stopping is ultimately more important than going. Your brakes should be inspected once a year, at a minimum. This will determine the condition of the operating hardware and the hydraulic system.

In addition to your braking system, the friction components of the system require constant attention since they are subject to wear and tear every time you apply your brakes. These components include:
– Brake pads
– Brake shoes
– Rotors
– Drums

These are some tell-tale signs that you need brake service or brake repair
– When you apply your brakes you hear a squealing noise or other unusual noise.
– You feel a vibration or shake when the brakes are applied
– Your vehicle begins to pull to one side when the brakes are applied
– The brake pedal in your car can be pressed almost to the floor
– When you come to a stop you feel a bumpy sensation or a grinding

Overall if there is anything about your brakes that is making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you should have them inspected by an expert mechanic as soon as possible.
The benefits of a well-maintained brake system include:
– Safety
– Smooth stopping
– Even braking
– Consistent stopping even under repeated harder braking conditions
– Longer life for your brake system and friction material
– Peace of mind

At Revolution Automotive we use nothing but very high-quality brake parts. In fact, in many cases, we have products that will nearly eliminate the black brake dust that builds up on your wheels. These products also extend the life of your brake pads and rotors far beyond that of the original parts.

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