BMW Repair

Quick Fixes for Your BMW’s Alternator Seal Issues in Norwood

While BMW models are renowned for their superior performance and drivability, some are especially prone to engine leaks caused by failing alternator seals. This has been a well-recorded issue among BMW drivers, and repairing these seals can cause frustration for owners looking for a quick fix solution. This is mainly due to the time-consuming process […]

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Which Garage to Visit for Your BMW’s Leaky Oil Filter Gasket in Norwood

BMWs are one of the best-made automobiles in the world. They are luxury and high performance combined into one incredibly beautiful driving machine. BMW owners take exceptional care of their cars, but even when doing everything right, a vehicle can still need repairs. One issue that comes up occasionally in nearly every make and model […]

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What Happens if the Air-Oil Separator Fails in Your BMW of Norwood

Having any type of oil-related issue in your BMW is not a good sign and is something that should be addressed immediately. Taking proper care of the oil and oil systems leads to a healthy and happy BMW engine for better efficiency, longevity, and cleaner running. When you’re referring to the air-oil separator it can […]

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When to Replace the Ignition Module in Your BMW

The ignition module forms a part of the ignition system of the car that serves to switch the flow of current through an ignition coil. Through this switching on and off of the current, a circuit is closed and engine rotations are generated. In essence, the ignition module makes it possible for the engine to […]

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How to Deal with Vacuum Hose Leaks in BMWs

You have relied on your BMW for several years now to get you where you need to go and it hasn’t let you down. You’ve taken it in for regular check-ups and made sure the oil was changed on time, but recently you’ve noticed inconsistent RPMs when the engine was idling and sometimes it doesn’t […]

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How to Address HVAC Blower Failure in Your BMW

Besides their impeccable performance and outstanding longevity, BMWs are also known for their creature comfort features on the interior. One of the ways the manufacturer achieves this is by enhancing the HVAC system for optimal climate control. However, like all the other components of your BMW, the HVAC system requires attention and servicing as the […]

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BMW Repair in Medfield: 5 Reasons to Choose The Right Specialist

BMW is one of the top-selling luxury car companies in the entire world. BMW vehicles like the BMW 328i have become extremely popular among those looking for high-quality cars, trucks, and SUVs. If you’re lucky enough to drive a BMW, you should do your best to take care of it at all times. That means […]

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Where To Get BMW Repair In Walpole For Your Service Light

Do you know where to go for the absolute best BMW repair in Walpole if you need it?  It’s Revolution Automotive Services in Norwood, right down the road.  Call (781) 619-3482 for an appointment. Let’s say that the ‘SERVICE DUE SOON’ light in bright yellow that appears on your BMW’s dash. It’s one of the commonly […]

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