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Potential Porsche Air Bag Faults

The airbags in your Porsche are significant safety features which are designed to immediately inflate and deflate during an accident. The surface of the airbag creates a barrier that absorbs the impact or forceful energy between the individuals in your automobile and the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, door panel, or other hard surfaces that may […]

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Where to Replace Your Porsche’s Clutch Slave Cylinder in Norwood

Among the many joys of driving a Porsche is being able to seamlessly and smoothly shift gears while speeding around in this high-performance sports car. The clutch in the manual transmissions used in many of these European cars relies heavily on having a fully functioning clutch slave cylinder (CSC) to maintain optimal comfortability in the […]

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Suspension Noises in Your Porsche at Norwood

Porsche represents the perfect marriage between the sophistication and elegance, more commonly found in Italian sports cars, and the high quality and innovative engineering that Germany is known for. Constituting one of the best and most high quality car manufacturers on the market, Porsches now take many forms, from the traditional roadster and sports car […]

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How to Deal with MAF Sensor Failure in Porsches

It is undeniable that Porsche is one of the most well-built vehicle models in the market today. However, these cars are not immune to problems. One common problem that many Porsche owners have complained about is the failure of the MAF sensor. What is the MAF Sensor The MAF sensor, or mass flow sensor as […]

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How to Deal with Coolant Leaks in Porsches

When you bought your Porsche you were expecting a high performing German sports car. Apart from your standard maintenance, you shouldn’t need to worry about issues popping up in a brand like Porsche, right? Well, it turns out that Porsche cars do have some common problems that owners need to be made aware of. One […]

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Symptoms of Ignition Coil Failure in Porsches

When you are driving a Porsche, you are driving in luxury and style. All models of Porsche have distinct designs that are easily recognizable and will turn heads in any setting. Whether you have an SUV size for your family or a roadster for just you, the sleek designs will set your Porsche apart from […]

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How to Deal With Plastic Coolant Pipe Failure in Porsche

Porsche cars are highly efficient vehicles, which is one of the reasons why drivers are attracted to the brand. However, it’s difficult to manufacture a completely perfect vehicle – even if it’s one of the most well-funded vehicle brands in existence. One aspect of your Porsche’s functioning that is especially crucial, particularly during the hot […]

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