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In order to ensure that your vehicle is in safe working condition, it is important to run regular check engine light diagnostics. The certified German car mechanics at Revolution Automotive Services can diagnose engine trouble by transmitting information from a car’s computer to a diagnostic tool which supplies performance data. This data allows our mechanics to

– Properly diagnose the cause of the check-engine light
– Develop recommendations for vehicle repair
– Discuss possible causes, related symptoms and the degree of urgency with car owners
– Re-set the check engine light in a vehicle

Avoiding regular check engine light maintenance can cause many critical problems to go unnoticed. Even certified technicians need to use a specialized diagnostic tool to pinpoint the root cause of a dashboard notification. These warnings can be a simple oil change reminder or they can be indicative of a larger problem like brake system problems or engine, electrical or vehicle performance issues. Instead of waiting for a system alert, it is a good idea to incorporate engine checks as part of your 6-month vehicle maintenance.

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