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The cooling system in your vehicle works to cool down important components in the engine that heat during movement. Regular cooling system maintenance will prevent your car from overheating and keep engine fluids from freezing.

Aproperly functioning cooling system will movecoolant throughout the engine and the radiator. This allowsthe engine temperature to stay cooler and protects the engine from potential damage caused by heat. Critical engine parts, like cylinder head gaskets, can fail due to a cooling system that is not working properly. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help prevent expensive auto cooling system repairs bycatching a potential problem before it happens.

If you notice your engine is running hotter than normal after it starts or if the temperature slowly increases as you drive you might have a cooling system issue. Other signs include the smell of maple syrup and/or a blue, pink or amber fluid leaking from beneath your vehicle.

A quick maintenance procedure might include an antifreeze/coolant flush and fill. A trained mechanic can inspect your vehicle and do the necessary maintenance to prevent a potential vehicle breakdown. Fluid exchange services might be needed as well. Always make sure you have the prescribed level of fluids to maintain vehicle driving safety and performance.Missing regularly scheduled cooling system maintenance can lead to premature corrosion of your cooling system, overheating or freezing which will lead to costly repairs.

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