Best German Car Repair Service Near Needham

Where’s The Best German Car Repair Service Near Needham, MA

Automotive repair shops are littered across the map, but finding high-quality German car repair service near Needham, MA is an easy choice for you to make.

Revolution Automotive Services brings together a team of ASE Certified Master Technicians to offer the very best in maintenance and repair for the finest brands from across the pond.

Automotive repair shop near Needham

Manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Mini Cooper and Porsche produce some of the highest performing cars and SUVs on the market today but taking those vehicles to the dealership for service can really hurt your wallet.

We’re an independent shop located near Needham, MA, offering technicians who are trained on the best practices for keeping these luxury and performance vehicles running at their peak levels.

“Alan and his crew are great! I will not bring my cars to anyone else. Service is always top notch and cost is always affordable and makes sense.”, wrote David James, a satisfied customer.

Why is it so important to find a shop specializing in German car repair near Needham, MA?

When you drive a German car, there is a different feel to the way it goes down the road. The Swedish are known for their safety (Volvo), the British are known for their glamour (Jaguar, Land Rover), and the Germans are known for their focus on blending luxury and performance.

When producing vehicles with such specific focuses in mind, these companies will push the envelope with their manufacturing practices and parts designs as well.

Focuses like these allow German cars to stand out from their American and Asian counterparts. However, maintaining the enhanced driving experience can be difficult when it comes time to service your exceptional vehicle.

With this in mind, every member of our team is trained and certified to work on the cars and SUVs from these great brands. Our staff attends training seminars many times throughout each year to update their knowledge and expertise on the latest parts and technology being utilized.

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There is no shame in taking your car to the dealership and paying more money for a lesser experience, but who really wants to do that? Bring your German car to us and give it the best service while you enjoy a high level of customer care and satisfaction!

Can’t find the time to bring your car or SUV our way?

“…friendly, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. The service is top notch and they go out of their way to accommodate my schedule.” – Thom D, satisfied customer.

We have a fleet of loaner cars, just like the dealership does, so we can keep you moving through your daily routine without any setbacks. Leave your vehicle with us and put the miles on our car while we fix yours.

No problem, we’ll come to you! Our pick-up and drop-off option will make sure your vehicle is taken care of and never hinder your tight schedule.

Rest assured, your car will be returned to you in spectacular form. Not only do we service and repair everything sent our way, but we have the team in place to get your vehicle new-car clean, too! All cars get washed by hand to ensure that sparkling finish.

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Proper service and preventative maintenance can take your car well past the 100,000-mile mark while proving to be impressively reliable with each passing year.

However, it can be costly to fix your car when something has gone wrong. The easiest way to reduce the price of repairs and increase the life of your car is to keep up with its service schedule.

Mini Countryman (Cooper CUV) Repair Services near Needham

That schedule is provided by the manufacturer to ensure that your vehicle is always able to run at optimal efficiency, and our staff is well-versed in the demand of these schedules. Use our expertise to your advantage and let us help you avoid the costly bills associated with German car repair.

Which brands can you bring to our shop?

While our staff is equipped to handle any brand brought our way, we specialize in the German brands, especially those produced in Germany.

BMW and Porsche produce vehicles with incredible abilities, but those abilities do come with a certain level of wear and tear. Keep these high-performance vehicles on the road with our expertise.

Mercedes-Benz and Audi are known for their extra effort in rolling luxury and tech, so you know when you buy these cars and SUVs that they are impressive but complex. Even with such a high demand for advanced technology, Revolution Automotive Services is your best choice.

MINI and Volkswagen provide fun cars with German ingenuity at affordable prices. With these vehicles being so accessible to first-time German car buyers, it’s important to have an independent shop like us to ensure you’re always in love with your purchase.

Our ASE-Certified Master Mechanics are taught from the very beginning how to work on these incredible vehicles. We hire only the best to work on our customer’s cars because German car repair is a business we take very seriously.

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The staff here at Revolution Automotive Services is readily equipped to make the repairs your car needs, but if you’re trying to avoid the repairs, here are some of the many great service options for your car!

  • checkScheduled Maintenance
  • checkOil Changes
  • checkCheck Engine Diagnosis
  • checkElectrical Systems
  • checkComputer Diagnosis, Coding and Programming
  • checkVehicle Inspections
  • checkBrake System Service
  • checkSteering and Suspension
  • checkExhaust System Service
  • checkFour-Wheel Alignment
  • checkCooling System Service
  • checkBattery Service
  • checkTransmission Service and Repair

Are you ready to work with the best choice for German car repair service near Needham, MA?

You’ll just want to make sure to note our hours of operation and be sure to schedule an appointment with us. If you’d like to read more about our expertise and success in the industry, feel free to check out our blog.

Remember: There are plenty of shops that say they can service your car, but when it comes to high-quality German car repair, you want the team who is certified to handle your car the right way.

Hire Revolution Automotive Services and see the difference for yourself!

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