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The exhaust system is what keeps a car quiet on the road. This system also works to prevent toxic gases from seeping into your vehicle. Gases like carbon monoxide can lead to serious health issues. The four main parts of the exhaust system include the exhaust pipes the catalytic converter, the exhaust manifold and the muffler.

The exhaust manifold is in the front of your car and receives the toxic gases that are given off by the burning gas that powers your car. These gases then pass through the exhaust pipe and are analyzed by the oxygen sensors. Next, they travel through the catalytic converter which literally converts the gases into emissions that are less harmful to the environment. This exhaust is then pushed out through the muffler. Because the different parts of this system all work together as one unit, it is possible that when one part fails another may also need to be replaced

Unless something goes wrong with the system, we recommend having the exhaust system checked annually. If you hear louder than normal sounds as you are driving or notice exhaust coming from somewhere other than your muffler, these are signs of an impending breakdown. Exhaust fumes coming from unusual places in your vehicle can be potentially dangerous sine these fumes do contain carbon monoxide. Both issues require an exhaust system check right away.

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