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Wheel alignments help tires maintain straight-line tracking. Your tires should be angled correctly, pointing straight ahead, parallel to each other and level to the ground. To maximize the life of your tires you want to make sure your vehicle has proper alignment angles. This also helps to ensure smoother handling of the car.

Four-wheel alignments help extend the life of your tires. Misaligned tires will ultimately lead to uneven tread wear and poor tire performance. Wheels that are out of alignment can wreak havoc on the overall handling of your vehicle. For most drivers, a four-wheel alignment is the best choice. This works especially well with cars that have front-wheel drive. Potholes, curbs and accidents can cause wheels to become misaligned. If your vehicle is pulling strongly to one side or if you notice uneven or abnormal tire wear then it is time for a four-wheel alignment service.

Properly aligned wheels can cut down on fuel costs since there will be less rolling resistance. Routine wheel alignments will also prevent unequal tire wear which add years to the life of your tires.

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