Frequent Audi Oil Changes can prevent costly repairs

Engine/Transmission Removed

Driving an Audi is extremely fun! If you own one, you know. However, people seem to fear seeing the Audi Mechanic. Audi engines, 3.2L, 3.6L, 1.8L, 2.0L etc, sure run well and have plenty of power. However, given the extended Audi Scheduled Maintenance intervals recommended by the manufacturer, they seem to be having trouble with timing chains, tensioners and adjusters. We have been seeing more of these coming into our Audi Service Center.

Cover going back together

It is a big job no matter which engine you have so now people cringe at the thought of bringing their car into the Audi Repair Specialist. To lessen these blows and lower your overall cost of ownership, we strongly encourage you to frequently have an Oil Change performed by a trained, skilled professional with high quality products as we do here at Revolution Automotive Services, Inc. Besides, having an Audi Specialist looking at your car every 5,000 miles can allow for things to be brought to your attention before they become more expensive or leave you broken down.

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