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How Can You Fix Foggy Headlight of Your Car

Driving around with foggy headlights poses several threats to your safety. They make driving at night a true challenge and visibility can be a struggle. Foggy headlights increase your risk of injuring yourself and others. Since your headlights play such a major role in road safety, it’s best to keep them in excellent condition. A responsible driver will pay attention to when they get foggy and taking immediate action to clean them up for a safer drive later.

Unlike other car repairs, cleaning foggy headlights doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. In fact, with the right products and a little resiliency, you can handle this task yourself. Let’s first consider what causes foggy headlights, then discuss how to tackle this issue, as well as the best products to use.

Why do our headlights get foggy?

Headlights on modern cars are typically made from polycarbonates. While extremely durable and scratch-resistant, this material isn’t immune to general wear and tear. When exposed to UV-rays, natural elements, and debris, these headlights can go from clear to foggy over an extended period of time. This results in a brownish color emitted from your lights and a dimmer, less safe illumination field at night.

While this issue won’t get you pulled over, it can cause a huge safety threat to you and others on the road. If you’re unable to see other drivers or avoid debris in the road on a dark, stormy night, you may hit something or someone. Because of this, cleaning your headlights on a consistent basis is necessary for a responsible driver.

What should you use to clean your headlights?

There are several individuals who swear by household tools like dish soap, toothpaste, and water. However, these don’t stand up to the strength of products designed for this purpose. When searching the Internet for the best items to clean your headlights, search for kits with the name “headlight restoration” on them. If they offer UV protection, snag it as fast as you can. These products are specifically designed for the intricate inner workings of your headlights. Therefore, investing a little bit more for quality is worthy it.

However, if you don’t have time to run to your local hardware store, you can always implement a few homemade tips to get the job done. Some individuals find great success when they mix baking soda and toothpaste. When applied on your headlights in a circular motion, this can make for a surprisingly good finish.

Others have found that products designed for polishing are extremely effective for guarding against fog and UV damage. One example is Rain-X. This serves a dual purpose and keeps your headlights clear for an extended period of time.

How should you tackle this project?

If you want to clean your headlights yourself, there are several things you need to make the process easier. To begin, purchase gloves, water, and old towels. This will keep you and your working space safe throughout the duration of your project.

Now, it’s time to get down and dirty. Whether you’re using a homemade method or a product designed specifically for cleaning, the following steps will help make the process easier:

Wipe away any visible debris. You want to begin your project with a clean surface. This means, using a towel and water to wipe away any traces of debris or dirt from the headlights.

Next, dry the area. Remove all excess water from headlights. Your product won’t adhere to a wet area as effectively.

Apply the cleanser. If you’re using a homemade method, use a brush in a circular motion to really work the product in. If you’re using a designated product, follow the directions on the bottle exactly.

Finally, remove excess product from your headlights. Look for any areas that need an extra touch up. If so, repeat the process until your headlights are completely clear.

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