Mercedes Fuel Injectors

How Does a Mercedes Fuel Pressure Regulator Work in Norwood?

Some of the traits that stand out, and in turn give Mercedes vehicles an edge above other vehicle brands, include outstanding performance, fuel efficiency safety, as well as undeniable elegance and style. The performance is, however, much more revered. As such, the manufacturer has continued to ensure that their vehicles continue to offer their customers nothing but top-level quality.

In keeping up with their level of quality, Mercedes vehicles have been fitted with some of the most powerful engines with sophisticated components designed for optimum performance as well as longevity. One such component that play an important role in ensuring that the engine performs efficiently is the fuel pressure regulator.

How it Works

In electronic fuel injection systems such as the Mercedes, the fuel injected into the engine is supposed to be injected at a precise pressure so as to provide the injectors with the correct amount of fuel. Without achieving this pressure precisely, the fuel will easily flow right through without finding its way into the injectors to be supplied into the combustion chamber.

The fuel pressure regulator makes it possible to achieve the correct air to fuel ratio and at the right fuel pressure for the combustion process. The regulator ensures that there is a consistent supply of fuel in relation to the demanded output in the car. When the fuel pressure is in the correct ratio with the air pressure, the fuel injector is able to determine the correct quantities of both substances that is needed to successfully combine in the internal combustion chamber.

The fuel regulator is made up of a diaphragm and bypass valve that opens and closes to enable the steady supply of fuel to the injectors. When pressure is applied on the regulator, a spring pushes down on the diaphragm, causing a reduction in the amount of fuel while the fuel pump puts in more work. The result is that the pressure of the fuel increases to match the air pressure in the intake manifold. This effectively creates a balance in the air-to-fuel pressure creating the perfect mixture for successful combustion in the engine.

Signs of Fuel Regulator Issues

The fuel regulator in your Mercedes can easily develop certain problems that will adversely impact the efficiency of the engine. Some of the signs that you will notice when the issues start to develop include:

Fuel leaks

These are a result of a leaking regulator that is usually caused by a broken diaphragm. Leaking fuel will easily be identified by the presence of brown fluid in the tailpipe of your car. Fuel leaks will also cause the smell of raw fuel to be felt in the engine bay.

Rough idling

When the fuel pressure regulator in your Mercedes develops problems, you are likely to notice the engine idling roughly just before you engage the gears. This idling will be characterized by abnormal noises.

Hesitation/ stalling engine

You may also notice the engine hesitating when you try to put the car in gear or when you accelerate. This slight hesitation normally points to problems in achieving the correct air to fuel mixture in the combustion chamber to power the engine for acceleration.

Check engine light

When the check engine light in your Mercedes comes on, there is normally a problem in the engine. In this case, the lack of steady circulation of fuel within the internal combustion chamber will cause the light to come on.

How to Deal With Fuel Pressure Regulator Failure

Considering the important role that this component Mercedes Engine Repair plays in making the engine run efficiently, it should be constantly monitored in the course of regular servicing. This will reduce the chances of complete failure, as the mechanic will be able to spot any parts within the regulator at the onset of failure. This is why you should have your mechanic examine your Mercedes carefully with every servicing schedule.

Fuel pressure regulator failure can cause further irreparable damage to the engine of your car. Therefore, you should seek the help of a professional mechanic. Revolution Automotive Services has experienced technicians on call to help restore the excellent performance of your Mercedes. Give us a call today if you are in the areas around Norwood, Westwood, Walpole, Sharon, Canton, Medfield, Needham, Dover, and Boston, MA. We will take excellent care of your car and get you safely back on the road quickly and affordably.

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