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How to Address HVAC Blower Failure in Your BMW

Besides their impeccable performance and outstanding longevity, BMWs are also known for their creature comfort features on the interior. One of the ways the manufacturer achieves this is by enhancing the HVAC system for optimal climate control. However, like all the other components of your BMW, the HVAC system requires attention and servicing as the years pass and your BMW accumulates wear.

One component of the HVAC system that is especially susceptible to failure, especially when the summer months hit and the AC is consistently being used, is the HVAC blower. There are a few ways this can occur, and the methods of treatment will vary depending on what part has failed, causing the error. It’s also important as a BMW driver to be able to spot the signs of HVAC system errors so that you can accurately relay symptoms to your reliable BMW specialist. Here is a bit more helpful information on HVAC blower failure and what you can do to prevent it.

Ways to diagnose HVAC blower failure

Based on the symptoms alone, it is possible for your BMW technician to be able to find where the source of the HVAC blower failure is occurring, or if the problem could be related to another HVAC component. It’s important to accurately describe the symptoms you’re experiencing to your BMW technician so they can properly re-create the symptoms in an attempt to find the source of the issue. Here are a few basic issues related to HVAC blower motor failure and what they mean:

Inefficient air temperature exiting vents

When you blast your AC, it’s normal for it to take a moment to cool the air, although this usually takes less time in a BMW car due to its high efficiency. If you notice that the air never cools, the issue could be due to leaking freon. Freon leaks are another common cause of AC issues.

Strength of air flow

The strength of the airflow coming out of your vents is dictated by a few different components of the HVAC system, including the blower; however, it could also be a simple electrical problem. If your air doesn’t blow at all, it could be electrical; if the air blows a little, but insufficiently, it could be blower-related.

Total lack of air flow

As we said before, if the strength of airflow is completely gone, it could be an electrically-related problem. Rarely does the blower completely seize functioning due to a problem originating with the blower itself, so it’s important to rule-out other potential causes of failure.

Why HVAC blower failure occurs

There are a few avenues for HVAC blower failure that you should know about, especially since certain BMWs are known to experience this problem more than others. These are the two most well-known causes of blower malfunction that could be at the root of the problem:

Normal vehicle aging

All vehicles wear and accumulate mileage over time, leading to normal part failure from time-to-time; however, it’s most important to attempt to prevent part failure by preemptively anticipating issues like blower failure – especially if your brand of vehicle is particularly susceptible to the problem. It’s common for the blower to fail after the summer months when the AC gets the most use.

Malfunctioning relay components

The HVAC system is highly technical, and involves BMW E90 318i multiple different components in order to function properly. These parts include electrical pieces that help the system communicate, especially when relaying power to the blower. Failure is often attributed to a burnt out blower motor, but it could also be an electrical issue related to wiring or control modules.

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