Mercedes-Benz Oil Leak

How to Avoid Oil Leaks in Your Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are recognized around the world for their high quality and luxury style. The Mercedes-Benz Company has been around since 1926. It was originally a division of the company Daimler AG, which is a German company. Interestingly, the company was originally known for creating the first gasoline-powered vehicle. With such a rich and fascinating history, the company has maintained their image of “the best or nothing” ideology and have a cult following for the cars they produce.

Yet even with striving to create vehicles that are reliable and well built, their cars can still experience issues every once in a while. A common issue that owners have noticed is dealing with oil leaks. Oil leaks can be frustrating to deal with because they can be tough to identify. That is why it is recommended to have a trusted mechanic who is familiar with working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, who may be able to help identify the source of the leak.

Identifying an Oil Leak

Initially you may notice some drips of oil underneath your vehicle. If you see oil dripping, it is important to begin diagnosing the issue immediately because it could be the result of a serious issue with your car. There are a variety of reasons why your car might be leaking oil, so it is important for you to do an inspection on your own if you feel confident in your skills, or take your vehicle in to be inspected. It is also recommended to have regular maintenance on your vehicle in order to catch problems before they get worse.

Common Causes for an Oil Leak in Your Vehicle

The oil filter could be the result of your oil leak. If you are not keeping up with the suggested maintenance on changes for your oil filter, it may result in a leak. Alternatively, if you do keep up with regular maintenance, it could simply be that the filter was not re-installed correctly, or the wrong size filter was used.

Another cause of an oil leak in your vehicle could be an issue with your oil filler cap. On the top of your vehicle’s engine the oil filler cap is located and is how the oil is allowed to funnel into your engine. Though this issue is extremely uncommon, it could potentially cause oil leaks to occur. If the oil filler cap was not replaced properly, you will need to correct the issue by replacing the cap.

A faulty valve seal could also cause your car to leak oil. If there is an issue with the seal that is located on the valve gasket it would likely cause leaks. The seal helps prevent oil from leaking into your car’s engine block. If the seal wears out it can cause oil to leak from your vehicle’s engine. This issue will likely be more common in older vehicles, or vehicles that are used extremely frequently. With regular check-ups your mechanic will be able to identify if you will need to replace the seal anytime soon.

Lastly, another reason that you could be experiencing an issue with oil leaking from your car could be a result of not properly replacing the drain plug when changing the oil. If you take your car to get serviced for an oil change, sometimes mechanics don’t always replace the drain plug correctly. They may not thread it properly or they may not tighten it all the way. If this is the case, it can cause your vehicle to leak oil slowly overtime. That is why it is important to make sure you trust your mechanic when getting your vehicle serviced or repaired.

How We Can Help

Here at Revolution Automotive Services we take Mercedes Oil Filling by Mechanic pride in providing quality customer service and working with our clients to find the best course of action when fixing your vehicle. If you think you may be dealing with an oil leak in your car, one of our mechanics will be able to diagnosis the issue and repair the problem. Our location is convenient to residents of Norwood, Westwood, Walpole, Sharon, Canton, Medfield, Needham, Dover, and Boston, MA. If you would like to schedule an appointment to repair any oil leaks, or would like to learn more about other services we offer, contact our office where a representative will be glad to assist.

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