Audi Engine Misfiring

How to Deal with Engine Misfires in Audis

Owning an Audi is an amazing luxury experience. They provide you with unique style and top-notch performance. Owning an Audi has always been the definition of success and is a vehicle you should be proud of.

In order to keep your Audi performing at the level it should, it will need ongoing maintenance and care. This means taking your Audi in for routine maintenance to ensure that there are no developing problems either internal or external. If this servicing and care is not kept up with, and in some cases even if it is, one issue that you may experience with your Audi is engine misfire. This article will give you the information you need to know about what engine misfire is and what could be the cause of the misfire.

What is Engine Misfire?

It is likely that we all have heard an engine misfire at least once in our lives, whether it was from our own vehicle or just one that was passing by. So what causes those loud, explosive noises?

In order for the engine cylinder to fire properly, there are three components that need to be present. The first is there needs to be fuel in order to ignite. The second is oxygen, which is needed to burn that fuel, and lastly there has to be a spark to ignite this mixture. If one of these components is not working properly with the others, then your Audi will experience an engine misfire.

It is important to be able to recognize when your Audi engine is misfiring because it can cause other issues as well. Some of these issues include low gas mileage and increased emissions. Both of these issues can be costly if you do not immediately address the problem of engine misfire.

Engine Misfire Due to the Spark

As previously stated, in order for the cylinder to function properly, there needs to be a spark that will ignite the mixture of fuel and oxygen. As your Audi ages, the parts that are responsible for causing the spark will wear down. The parts will continue to wear down as you use your vehicle and can eventually get to the point where there will be no spark created at all.

This is something that will happen gradually, so you may start off having small and intermittent engine misfires. If the parts are left unchecked, then your Audi will begin to experience louder and more noticable engine misfires. It is important that you take your Audi in for an inspection as soon as you notice even the smallest engine misfire. This way, you will be able to catch the problem early on and prevent it from turning into a much larger issue.

Engine Misfires Due to Fuel Problems

If your Audi is continuing to have engine misfire, then the issue could be related to the fuel system. If the engine is not receiving the amount of fuel it needs to perform as it should, then there may be a clog in the fuel system. There is a filter in the fuel system that will work to remove any particles so the fuel is clean and free from outside dirt when heading into the engine.

When this filter goes unchanged, it will become clogged with all of those particles so that the fuel will not be able to make it through to the engine. This imbalance of fuel will cause the engine to misfire. When you take your Audi in for service to address engine misfiring, ask the technician to check the fuel system as well to see if the problem stems from there.

Serviced By Professionals

Audi Engine Repair At Revolution Automotive Services, our ASE Master Certified Technicians will ensure that your Audi is taken care of the professional way. Throughout the year, our technicians undergo many trainings to keep up to date in the cars that they specialize in. These specializations demonstrate to you, our valued customer, that we will service your Audi using the most up to date equipment and parts.

Conveniently located in an area that is accessible from Norwood, Westwood, Walpole, Sharon, Canton, Medfield, Needham, Dover, and Boston, MA, we will always take the time to properly inspect your Audi once you bring it in due to engine misfires. Throughout the entire servicing process and even afterward, we will remain in contact with you through text or email and work quickly to ensure that your Audi is back to running at the performance level you expect.

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