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How to Deal with Vacuum Hose Leaks in BMWs

You have relied on your BMW for several years now to get you where you need to go and it hasn’t let you down. You’ve taken it in for regular check-ups and made sure the oil was changed on time, but recently you’ve noticed inconsistent RPMs when the engine was idling and sometimes it doesn’t start up right away. They might not seem like serious issues, but these could be tell-tale signs of a common problem in all vehicles – a leaky vacuum hose.

Vacuum hoses are used to power a multitude of devices in your vehicle, from the brake booster and exhaust bypass valves to the cruise control and heating and cooling vent controls. Needless to say, your engine is full of these hoses. They are regularly exposed to dirt, high heat and fluids that can eventually wear away at the hoses or cause them to disconnect. A leak could lead to more serious symptoms such as your engine backfiring or losing power completely, which could put you in a dangerous situation.

The good news is a leaky vacuum hose is a relatively inexpensive piece to repair. Read on to learn more about the signs of a leaky vacuum hose and the steps you need to take to repair it and stay safe.

Signs of a Leaky Vacuum Hose

As mentioned above, your car will tell you if the vacuum hose needs repair. If by chance your check engine light doesn’t light up to warn you of a problem, the following symptoms are good indicators of a leaky vacuum hose:

  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Loss of power
  • Idles at high RPM
  • Engine stalling
  • Loud hissing sound from the engine area
  • Engine backfires

Contact Your BMW Service Technician

If you have noticed any of the issues mentioned above, it is time to take action:

Don’t Wait

While you may be tempted to wait and see if symptoms worsen, this is not a good solution. Waiting too long could result in further damage to your engine, requiring costly unplanned repairs. More importantly, ignoring these signs could put you as a driver at risk of an accident. Call your BMW service technician and schedule an appointment at the first sign of any of the above issues.

Pay attention

The replacement parts of the vacuum hose are not expensive. However, your service technician will be doing a lot of investigating and testing to make sure every leak has been found. This takes time. In order to speed up the process, pay attention to the issues you are seeing and the sounds you are hearing and write them down. The more detail you can provide to your service technician, the faster he can locate the leak and get your vehicle back to you.

Consider an upgrade

Wear and tear is expected in any vehicle component. Most engine vacuum hoses are made of rubber. In order to potentially extend the life of these hoses there consider requesting silicone hoses, which could hold up better to high heat than the standard rubber hose. Your BMW service professional will be able to recommend the best option for you.


Most service professionals are doing a visual check for tears and leaks whenever you get your oil changed. Repairing and replacing these parts at the first sign of damage is the best way to avoid costly emergency repairs and to keep you safe. Make sure you are working with your service technician to create a maintenance schedule for your vehicle in order to protect you and your vehicle.

Revolution Automotive Services Can Help

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