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Oil Change Service

Many people believe an oil change is a “no brainer” or a “fast service”. To your car it is much more. Would you stop into a fast clinic to have your health checked once a year? No! You schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Physician for a physical at which you have blood drawn for testing and your doctor gives you an overall health exam. The same is true for your car. An oil change service with your trusted service center is a time for your car to have an evaluation by a trained professional who is experienced and well versed with your vehicle make.

Here at Revolution Automotive Services we often see costly repairs needed resulting from a lack of maintenance. We can identify services your car may need prior to them becoming costly repairs or leaving your car broken down at an inconvenient time. Our ASE Certified technicians are trained and experienced with Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Mini Cooper. When your vehicle comes in for an oil change service we are not simply changing the oil and filter. We are giving your vehicle an overall health inspection and will advise you of any services or repairs that may be needed.

Here is a list of what our oil change service consists of…

Oil Change Service

  • Test drive vehicle and take note of any concerns
  • Run a quick test on all vehicle control modules to check for any DTC’s present (diagnostic trouble codes)
  • Check on board computer for any services due or soon to be due
  • Hoist vehicle and perform safety inspection
  • Inspect for any worn out components or repairs needed
  • Replace Engine Oil and Filter
  • Verify correct fluid levels and adjust as needed
  • Verify correct tire pressures and adjust as needed
  • Check lights, wipers for proper operation
  • Lubricate door hinges and sunroof rails
  • Reset service indicator

I’ll add that these inspections are performed each and every time your vehicle is in for service. We don’t want you breaking down any more than you do. It’s easier to schedule maintenance or repairs than to have them come unexpectedly.

In addition to regular maintenance performed by a trained professional, it is also important to use high quality materials. At Revolution Automotive Services we use only top quality OEM materials when servicing your vehicle. We pride ourselves in providing top quality service and repairs.

Come in and experience the high quality service we are known for offering!

***We have loaner cars available***