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Oil is the lubrication that keeps your engine running smoothly. Once oil becomes dangerously low, old and dirty the integrity of your car is compromised; parts can begin to grind against each other causing problematic damage. This can lead to costly repairs.

The benefits of changing your oil on a regular schedule are fairly substantial. These are five advantages of changing the oil in your car every 5,000 miles or every 6 months:

– Prevents buildup of sludge
Debris and dirt particles begin to accumulate as oil travels through your engine. Although there are filters to catch any sludge, some dirt particles are naturally going to slide through and gradually wear down your engine. Clean oil will allow the engine to run efficiently. It is also a good idea to have your oil filter changed on the same schedule.

– Increased gas mileage
Cleaner fluid will reduce friction and allow your car to move with less resistance. Less resistance means extra gas mileage.

– Better performance
Since oil changes help reduce both grind and friction in the engine, clean oil will lead to an overall smoother ride.

– Reduced harmful emissions
Older oil can cause your vehicle to emit gasses that are harmful to the environment. Remembering to put clean oil in your car on a regular basis will reduce the burning problem, resulting in less air pollution.

– Longer vehicle life
Better lubrication, less friction, better handling and less overall wearand tear to your car; you can add years to the life of your car with regular oil and filter changes. While any vehicle will ultimately run its course, an extra two or more years with your vehicle makes every oil change more than worthwhile.

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