Porsche Air Bag

Potential Porsche Air Bag Faults

The airbags in your Porsche are significant safety features which are designed to immediately inflate and deflate during an accident. The surface of the airbag creates a barrier that absorbs the impact or forceful energy between the individuals in your automobile and the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, door panel, or other hard surfaces that may cause serious injury upon impact. Most vehicles manufactured today utilize several combinations of airbag designs which include side-curtain, passenger, driver, and seat mounted.

There are a number of reasons why the airbags in your Porsche may become faulty or malfunction. Some defects develop during the manufacturing of the automobile while others may be the result of circumstance. Either way, the repercussions from these defects can be truly devastating.

Reasons for Airbag Deployment Failure

Airbag modules can succumb to manufacturing defects

The airbag module can suffer from defects which may prevent the inflation of the airbags during an accident. This is commonly the result of an improper quality inspection or an initial manufacturing error. Although the sensors are working correctly, the module may miss its deployment.

Wiring could be severed

In some instances, a manufacturer may install and run the airbag wiring system through an area that is easily susceptible to being damaged during a crash. This damage can result in cut or broken wires and the proper triggers may not be delivered to the airbags.

Faulty or defective airbag sensors

At times, the sensors that carry the responsibility for deploying the airbags can suffer from a malfunction or become defective. In this scenario, the airbags will not deploy during an accident. Issues such as improper design, calibration mistakes for the firing threshold, incorrect installation, and software failure can result in faulty sensors.

Breakdown of various electrical components

There are a series of electrical components and wiring systems that work together to operate the deployment of the airbags. If one or more of these components suffers a breakdown, the impact sensors may fail to initiate. This can cause any combination of the airbags to fail.

Specific type of accident or collision

The exact type of accident will be the ultimate and determining factor for the specific deployment of the airbags. The location of the damage will trigger only certain sensors in that area. Speed and impact will also play a factor in which of the safety components activate.

If the airbag does not deploy during a collision, the results can be extremely severe. Individuals inside the cabin can be seriously injured or even die due to the unprotected, forceful impact. It is vitally important for you to be alert and mindful of the potential signs of an airbag malfunction. You should consult a trusted auto service shop immediately to address any airbag issues you may suspect in your Porsche.

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