Our ASE master Certified Technicians will take good care of you

Mercedes-Benz, BMW & Mini Cooper Service in Norwood & Westwood

Our ASE master Certified Technicians will take good care of you

Mercedes-Benz, BMW & Mini Cooper Service in Norwood & Westwood

Revolution Automotive Services Our Services Mercedes-Benz and BMW Repair Services in Norwood

If you own a German automobile you understand the care that went into crafting your vehicle. You also understand that German auto maintenance and German car repair can be both costly and time consuming. At Revolution Automotive Services we want to make the process as easy and as enjoyable as possible. We handle complete auto repairs for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, MINI Cooper, Audi and Porsche.

Whether you are having transmission issues, are in need of scheduled maintenance, need cooling system service or need a transmission repair, we have the expertise to keep you on the road. We care about your car, your needs and it shows. Our complete German car repair and service facility is equipped with the most up-to-date computerized diagnostic testing equipment to perform the most accurate repair and maintenance on your vehicle. When you bring your car to us, you’ll find friendly and experienced technicians who will offer you a quality of service that will leave a lasting impression. Our first-time customers consistently become our long-time customers. We are a family owned business and provide specialized and personal service to owners of German cars.

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Oil Changes

Regular oil changes offer significant benefits for your car’s performance and longevity.
Changing the oil every 5,000 miles or 6 months:
  • helps prevent sludge buildup
  • improves gas mileage
  • enhances engine performance,
  • reduces harmful emissions
  • extends the overall lifespan of your vehicle by providing better lubrication and minimizing wear and tear.

These advantages, including smoother rides and environmental benefits, make routine oil and filter changes an essential aspect of proper maintenance.

Automotive Battery Service

Battery Service

Your vehicle’s battery serves as the primary electrical power source, supplying energy to various systems like ignition, starter, and fuel system during the startup process. Regular battery maintenance and timely replacement are critical. Proper installation and programming of new batteries are crucial, especially for modern German cars, to prevent premature failure and costly repairs.
Brake disc

Brake Service

Regular attention to your braking system, including brake pads, shoes, rotors, and drums, is essential due to wear and tear.
Warning signs for brake service include:
  • unusual noises,
  • vibrations
  • pulling
  • low brake pedal
  • grinding sensations when stopping

Maintaining a well-functioning brake system gives you the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and will provide smooth and even stopping. Revolution Automotive uses high-quality brake parts to enhance performance and extend brake pad and rotor life.

car fan system

Cooling System Service

Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s cooling system is crucial to prevent overheating and freezing of engine components.
Signs of cooling system issues include:
  • abnormal engine temperature
  • unusual smells
  • fluid leaks

Timely procedures like antifreeze/coolant flush, fluid exchange, and professional inspection can prevent corrosion, overheating, and freezing, leading to breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Motor service and repair

Check Engine Diagnosis

Regular check engine light diagnostics are essential for ensuring vehicle safety and detecting potential issues.
ASE Certified German car mechanics at Revolution Automotive Services utilize diagnostic tools to:
  • diagnose engine problems
  • provide repair recommendations
  • discuss causes and urgency
  • reset the check engine light

Incorporating engine checks as part of your regular 6-month vehicle maintenance routine is advised to address issues promptly and prevent larger problems.

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Electrical Systems

A vehicle’s electrical system is made up of 3 components: the battery, starter, and alternator. The battery powers the entire automotive system, the starter initiates engine movement by rotating the flywheel and the alternator generates electrical power to charge the battery and provide electricity to the vehicle’s components while the engine is running. Proper functioning of these components is vital for the car to run correctly; any malfunction can lead to starting issues and other electrical malfunctions. At Revolution Automotive Services, we provide regular electrical system checks to identify and prevent potential problems, ensuring reliable vehicle operation.
plug and pipe fixes

Exhaust System Service

The exhaust system keeps your vehicle quiet on the road, prevents toxic gas exposure, and consists of four key components:
  • exhaust pipes
  • catalytic converter
  • exhaust manifold
  • muffler

The system channels gases from the engine through the manifold, pipes, and catalytic converter to convert emissions, with the muffler releasing the treated exhaust. We recommend annual checks to ensure proper function, especially if unusual noises or exhaust leakage are noticed, as these can indicate serious issues like carbon monoxide exposure, necessitating immediate attention.

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Four Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment ensures correct tire angles, optimizing performance and prolonging longer tire life, enhancing vehicle handling and reducing fuel costs. Misaligned wheels lead to uneven tread wear and compromised handling, making four-wheel alignment, particularly for front-wheel drive cars, essential.

scheduled maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

To ensure optimal performance and avoid expensive repairs, adhering to German car maintenance schedules is crucial, with recommended intervals at 20,000, 40,000, 60,000, 80,000, and 105,000 miles. Revolution Automotive provides extensive maintenance services that adhere to factory specifications. These services preserve warranties, boost resale value, and enhance vehicle efficiency and reliability. We achieve this through meticulous record-keeping, strict adherence to manufacturer guidelines, and the utilization of specialized tools and diagnostic equipment.

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Steering and Suspension

The steering and suspension system is not only essential for steering, but also plays a major part in allowing you to slow down and speed up. The steering system operates either through a rack and pinion or reciprocating ball set up. Your vehicle’s suspension uses shock absorbers, springs, and struts for proper road contact. These parts experience a lot of wear and tear so detecting signs like drifting, pulling, or difficulty controlling your vehicle may indicate a steering and/or suspension issue.
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Transmission Repair

Regular transmission fluid and system checks are essential for maintaining a smoothly running vehicle. Warning signs of potential transmission issues include:
  • grinding noise
  • delayed shifting
  • gear engagement problems
  • fluid loss
  • burning smells

A routine fluid exchange can extend your vehicle’s transmission life by preventing wear caused by metal fragments and depleted protectants. While some manufacturers claim “Lifetime Fluid,” it’s advisable to have your transmission serviced every 30-40,000 miles to ensure proper maintenance and avoid future problems.

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Vehicle Inspections

Regular vehicle inspections are crucial for safety and proper functioning, ensuring your car is suitable for driving. There are two types of inspections: a basic visual check often offered with oil changes, and a more thorough 20, 50, or 100-point inspection recommended at specific intervals (every 10,000 to 15,000 miles) or before road trips. Thinking of buying a used vehicle? Get it inspected to uncover any serious issues, saving you lots of money on future repairs.
Each time you bring your vehicle to Revolution Automotive, we will provide a complimentary 56-point digital inspection, complete with photos, to enhance transparency and awareness of your vehicle’s condition.

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