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One of the most important components of your car, the steering and suspension system not only helps you steer and direct your vehicle, it also you to slow down and speed up. To give you a better feel for the magnitude of this system, this is how the steering and suspension work:

– Steering There are two types of steering systems: rack and pinion (RAP) or reciprocating ball (RB) steering. With RAP steering, both the steering wheel and the columns are attached to a rack which is responsible for moving a piston to turn your wheels. On RB steering, there are a series of links and arms that are used to ensure that not only do wheels all turn together but they turn at the same time.

– Suspension – The suspension of a vehicle ensures that the wheels make contact with the road. Your suspension system utilizes a variety of shock absorbers, springs and struts which all need replacing from wear and tear. It is important to check these components regularly.

The steering and suspension system plays a pivotal role in the overall operation of a vehicle. If you ever find that your car is drifting, your steering wheel feels like it is pulling or you have trouble controlling direction or speed, it is necessary to have your car checked as soon as possible. Ignoring steering and suspension issues can lead to dangerous and expensive problems down the road.

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