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A transmission is a complex piece of machinery that has a variety of working parts. Periodic fluid and system checks are important to keep your vehicle running smoothly. These are potential warning signs that you may need transmission repair in Norwood, MA:

– Noise, especially clunking, from the under carriage
– A delay when shifting gears
– Car sticks or will not engage when shifting gears
– Loss of fluid and magenta tinted stains under the car
– A burning smell

A routine fluid flush can enhance the life of your transmission since transmission fluid loses effectiveness gradually, over time. Transmission fluid protects and coats the transmission gears. When gears grind on each other usually results in small pieces of metal getting into the fluid. The more fragments that end up in the transmission fluid the faster transmission parts will wear. Additives like detergents protect the transmission and are present in the fluid. These protectants deplete over time and make it difficult for the old fluid to protect your vehicle. Refer to your owners’ manual for the recommended schedule for transmission service. Or ask your trusted auto service center when your fluid should be changed. Even though some manufacturers say the transmission fluid is “Life Time Fluid”, we recommend transmission services every 30-40,000 miles depending on the make and model of your car. Life time fluid does not mean for the life of the car. It means for the life of the transmission because when it fails from lack of fluid changes, you will be getting new fluid in the new transmission.

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