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Regular vehicle inspections help to ensure the safety and working condition of your car. The main priority of a vehicle inspection is to ensure that the vehicle is both well maintained and suitable for local and highway driving. Inspections are also important because they allow drivers to be fully educated about all the critical components of their car.

Most auto mechanics offer two different vehicle inspection services. The first is often just a visual inspection of your engine, lights, tires and some other safety features. These are often offered free along with an oil change. The second type of inspection comes with a number in front of it (20, 50 or 100-point inspection). This is a more thorough inspection and one that we highly recommend at 10,000 to 15,000 miles and before taking a long road trip. We also recommend this type of inspection in addition to a test drive, prior to buying a used car. A quality auto inspection can help find serious flaws like transmission or engine problems and potentially save you lots of dollars.

At Revolution Automotive we offer a 56-point digital vehicle inspection complimentary to you every time your vehicle is in for service or repair. You receive a link to view this inspection containing pictures of your own vehicle via a text or email.

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