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What Should You Do When You Find a Nail in Your Car’s Tire?

It is never fun to deal with a flat tire. Many times, these issues crop up when we are on our way somewhere and do not have a lot of time to spare. This can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, especially if you are unprepared. By knowing what to do when your car gets a nail in its tire, you can save yourself some panic and will feel prepared. It will not make dealing with the issue any more fun, but you can be sure that you will know what to do.

The first thing you will want to know about getting a nail in your tire is that it does not always mean that your tire is flat or will even go flat. This depends on the size of the nail, but in some cases the nail may not be long enough to pass through the lining of the tire. Other times, the nail may be at such an angle that it does not get near the lining at all. Before you begin to panic, you will want to inspect the location of the nail and see what angle the nail is at.

What to Do When a Nail is in Your Tire

Hopefully you have a pressure gauge in your car. This is a useful tool for many issues you may deal with when it comes to your tires. Some people even recommend checking your tire pressure as often as every other time you put fuel in your car. You will want to know what your tire pressure should be at in order to see if it needs to be inflated at all. If the nail has caused the pressure to lower a significant amount, you will want to put your spare tire on your car and take your tire to your mechanic to have it fixed. If the pressure has only lowered a little bit, you will want to add a little more pressure to your tire and then drive to a professional repair shop to have it fixed.

What is the Best Solution to Getting a Tire with a Nail Fixed?

Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes to getting your tire repaired when you have run over a nail. It does not always mean that you will need to replace the entire tire, but you will want to take it in to your mechanic to have it repaired. This will not be as expensive as getting a new tire. In many cases, the mechanic will only need to do a simple patch in order to make sure that your car’s tire is fixed.

It is important that you address any issues that you have with your tires fairly quickly. Not only could they affect your safety if they are not functioning properly, but they could affect the safety of those around you. If you do not think you can put your spare tire on, you should call for help or have a friend help you put on your spare and then get the impaired tire to a shop in order to be repaired. Depending on the services you have available through your insurance or even some credit cards, you may also be able to call roadside assistance for help moving your vehicle.

How We Can Help

Here at Revolution Automotive Services, we can help you if you have a nail stuck in your tire. Our mechanics will be able to diagnose if the nail has penetrated your car’s Mechanic Checking Car Tire lining and will be able to determine if it needs to be patched or replaced entirely. We are willing to work with you to help you find the best course of action for repairs so that you can get back on the road.

It is our top priority to ensure that our customers are driving in safe vehicles. Convenient to the residents of Norwood, Westwood, Walpole, Sharon, Canton, Medfield, Needham, Dover, and Boston, MA, we love providing our clients with excellent customer service and being a company that they can trust for repairs. If you would like to learn more information about the services that we offer, or you would like to schedule an appointment to get your tire repaired, please visit our website or call our office where a representative will be able to help you.

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