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When to Replace the Ignition Module in Your BMW

The ignition module forms a part of the ignition system of the car that serves to switch the flow of current through an ignition coil. Through this switching on and off of the current, a circuit is closed and engine rotations are generated. In essence, the ignition module makes it possible for the engine to start by creating the current that produces the pulses that are delivered to the spark plug, effectively igniting the fuel in the combustion chamber.

The BMW is one of those high-end vehicle models that have the most sophisticated technology incorporated in the designs. For many drivers of vehicles under this brand name, comfort, luxury, and top level performance are all expectations that they have for this car. However, every car has its shortcomings, as no model can be perfect. A common fault that BMWs tend to develop over time is ignition module failure.

Causes of Ignition Module Failure

The failure of the ignition module in a BMW can be caused by a number of things. The most common of these is electronic fault. Being an electronic component, a problem in the wiring harness of the car or in the fuse can create a problem in the ignition system. This is because faults in the wires or fuse will make it impossible for the ignition module to receive any form of current from the car’s battery. Failure of current transmission through the system means that the spark plug will not ignite in the fuel and the circuit will not be able to complete. Poor connection at the terminal can also cause the ignition module to fail.

The smaller components within the ignition module can also give out over time. This can be due to various reasons; for instance, an excessive amount of heat under the hood of your car can also cause ignition module failure. This is because the heat compromises the plastic insulation that prevents the wires within the ignition coil from touching each other. Other than heat build-up, these components can also break down simply because they have not been replaced in a long time.

Symptoms of Ignition Module Failure

The ignition module is responsible for regulating the timing of the ignition system by increasing or reducing the power in order to increase or lower engine power. With that in mind, it makes sense that a problem in the ignition module will greatly affect the drivability of the car. An immediate effect of ignition module failure is that the engine of your BMW may start to misfire or stutter because the cylinders will not fire appropriately. This will be more pronounced when the vehicle is carrying a heavy load. The car will lose power, and in the worst scenario it will completely stall. Stalling is another obvious sign of ignition module failure.

If the circuit that ignites the fuel is not completed, the engine may not be able to start. In some instances, the engine may stall but start again after a short while. This is normally the case when the problem stems from the engine compartment being overheated. Once the heat is cooled off, the car might be able to start again.

In other instances, the engine may crank but fail to start running. This is simply because a failure in the ignition module prevents voltage from reaching the spark plug, hence no ignition of the fuel. All these problems will impede your driving experience and necessitate an immediate solution.


Maintaining a regular service schedule will enable you to monitor the condition of the ignition module in your car. This will make it easy to identify a problem before the BMW Owner Mechanic Discussionignition system fails completely. Since most of the signs of ignition module failure could signal a different problem in the ignition system altogether, it is important to get a proper diagnosis before embarking on replacing anything.

Getting a certified mechanic to examine and diagnose the problem will ensure that the actual problem is solved without having to incur extra costs. Revolution Automotive Services has extensive experience with luxury brands such as BMW. We are but a phone call away from offering quality repairs and services to BMW drivers in the Norwood, Westwood, Walpole, Sharon, Canton, Medfield, Needham, Dover, and Boston, MA areas. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll be happy to help.

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