BMW Oil Filter Gasket

Which Garage to Visit for Your BMW’s Leaky Oil Filter Gasket in Norwood

BMWs are one of the best-made automobiles in the world. They are luxury and high performance combined into one incredibly beautiful driving machine. BMW owners take exceptional care of their cars, but even when doing everything right, a vehicle can still need repairs. One issue that comes up occasionally in nearly every make and model of car is a leaky oil filter gasket. In this article, we will cover some of the signs of a leaky oil filter gasket and discuss where to take it to get it fixed by a trusted mechanic.

Oil Filter Gasket

The oil filter gasket is a rubber seal located in the housing where the oil filter attaches to the engine. Oil moves through the engine and the filter repeatedly, with the filter cleaning the oil in each pass. The oil is pressurized based on the speed in which it is moving through the engine. Over time, gaskets and seals can break down causing loss of oil pressure and leaks near the oil filter housing.

Signs of a Leaky Oil Filter Gasket

There are several signs that you have a leaky oil filter gasket. Unfortunately, these same symptoms can be signs of other engine trouble as well, so it’s important to have this properly diagnosed by a trained BMW service specialist. Some of the signs of a leaky oil filter gasket are listed below:

  • Check engine light is on
  • Low oil pressure
  • Small drops of oil under your car where it was parked
  • Smell of burning oil while the engine is hot/running
  • Black residue build-up on the oil filter housing

Oil Filter Gasket Repair

The oil filter gasket should be repaired as quickly as possible once you know there is a problem. Once a leak has started it will become worse over time, which will impact oil pressure and ultimately engine performance, or it can even cause engine failure if not fixed. While any shop can tell you that they can repair your oil filter gasket, you want an automotive service shop that values your BMW as much as you do. At Revolution Automotive Services, we specialize in German automobiles.

Find the Best German Automotive Service Center

We know you have options for where you take your BMW for maintenance and repairs. We also know that we are the best in the industry and hope you’ll give us the opportunity to prove it to you. Here are a few things to look for when making your decision about where to take your BMW.

ASE Certified Service Technicians

ASE stands for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence an independent non-profit organization that tests and certifies automotive service specialists. Certified technicians attend classes regularly to stay ahead of the curve with all the new and upcoming automotive technologies.

Member of BIMRS

BIMRS is a nonprofit membership organization for BMW specialized service centers. Members of this organization must meet high standards of service and state of the art equipment specific to BMW repair and maintenance needs. This organization also provides “in-depth training on a myriad of subjects to include diesel & gasoline engine diagnostics, car programming & updates, BUS systems and much more.” (

Priority Care

At Revolution Automotive Services, we do everything we can to make the maintenance and repair process as easy as we can for you. We offer pick-up and drop-off service, courtesy cars, and we hand wash every car we service so that your car will look as good as it drives. We know some shops might consider these services to be fluff, but we do these things because you and your car are important to us. And we want to show you that by doing the few extra things we can when we can.


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